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After School Clubs

After school clubs are an important part of any child’s day and we are proud to offer them extensive opportunities to participate in extra-curricular activities whilst growing up!

They will learn a wide variety of new skills, and the activities on offer will help children be exposed to trying new things! It goes without saying that extra-curricular activities are essential to a child's future and can really shape which path they choose. In addition to this, children learn new skills, make new friends, develop their social skills, and most importantly, have fun!

Our club leaders will meet your children in the designated meeting points and collect from classrooms to ensure they are coming in to club in a comfortable and positive manner. Our friendly and creative staff will build an experience for your children that they will enjoy and thrive from and feel valued and encouraged to part take in the fun activities! At the end of each session you will be required to sign out your child at which point the staff member will give you any necessary feedback about the club.

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After School Clubs aren’t only convenient for working parents, they have so many more advantages for your children:

  • Great opportunity for children to make new friends with other children from their school
  • Children can enjoy learning and gaining new skills in a safe and familiar environment
  • Part take in activities that will expand their knowledge, develop their confidence and abilities
  • Children develop their negotiation, team-building and problem solving skills

Most importantly the children will be having fun!

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What children say about our After School Clubs;

“I like arts and crafts because I love to make things and draw, paint, and learn. I like playing and talking to friends. I enjoy late stay because we get a snack and a drink and I like to be active.” Year 6 pupil, Albert Village Primary School

“We play Dodgeball and it's my favourite sport, and the staff look after me.” Year 4 pupil, Ashby Willesley Primary School.

‘’ClubsComplete have provided a wide variety of clubs for our pupils which are well attended and appreciated by both the pupils and their parents. The clubs give our children opportunities to develop a skill that is either new to them or that they already enjoy. The late stay club also provides a child care avenue for working parents in a familiar setting. The ClubsComplete staff member at our school is a valued member of the team and an integral part of our school, not only fitting in well with our ethos but having an excellent relationship with pupils, parents and staff.’’ Karen Hambleton, Moira Primary School.

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